International Blockchain-Hackathon

We are going to organize an international Blockchain-Hackathon.. 30 hours, November 13 & 14th 2021..

In the coming weeks we will disclose all the info but… you know us.. this will be a fabulous event with top challenges, great coaches, very nice (cash) prizes and… a LOT of fun!

The theme of the event will be divided into 5 tracks:
– Energy
– Transport/Logistics
– Verifiable Credentials
– Blockchain for public services
– Blockchain for SME’s

The competitors are going to be organized in small teams of 3-5 people where every team member will have its own role/task. At the end of the 30-hour inventors-marathon the teams deliver a pitch of their solutions to a jury. The jury decides who will win Best Overall, Best Design and Most Impact.

We are gearing up so expect to hear from us all the details you need for you and your team to register an participate!