Hackathons are GREAT!

Innovation is hard but hackathons make it easier and FUN!

Designing new solutions for existing problems is not a simple matter, it can be a very time consuming, hard process. Using a Hackathon-formula to engage new parties with fresh ideas and lots of motivation will give the innovation process an enormous boost. While providing a great experience to all stakeholders involved (think about the Challenge-owners, Companies, Attendees, Coaches, etc.).

Hackathons are NOT just for “Hackers” (people with hoodies trying to break into the mainframe of the Pentagon) on subjects concerning national security… NOOO, hackathons are for people of ALL ages, ALL educational levels, ALL subjects and themes. You just need creative (who want to think outside the box), motivated and curious people. We organized hackathons on: Energy transition, Waste recycling, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Food, Plastics, and lots of other themes…

We are gearing up so expect to hear from us all the details you need for you and your team to register an participate!