What is a hackathon?

It is an “inventors-competition” where students, professionals and entrepeneurs in teams of 5-6 people compete in solving challenges. During 30 hours they are in a creative proces to overcome problems of tommorow.

What is the theme?

The theme for this Hackathon is “Internet of Things / LoraWAN”.
With tracks about: Safety, Mobility, Sustainability and Health. You and your team will be working on challenges within one of these tracks. (a seperate document with the exact challenges will be provided)

How long did you say?

The Hackathon will start on Saturday the 9th of march 2019 10:00 and will last until Sunday the 10th of march 2019 17:00.
At 17:00 the pitching will start and the teams will present their solutiosn and prototypes to the jury. After the prizeceremony the will be drinks for everyone so we will probably end at around 19:30.

I am NOT a programmer can I participate?

Off course you can (you SHOULD). Solutions to a problem do not consist of programmingcode alone…
The largest part of all the participants are people who have other talents. A team works best if you have the right mix of coders, makers, pitchers and overall creative people. (believe me: a team which consists of just programmers will not come up with a viable product)

Are there any prizes to be won?

Absolutely!.. The jury will judge all the solutions and decide on who winns what.
We have 3 nice money-prizes: Best Overall (1000€ for the team), Best Design (500€ for the team) and Best Commercial (500€ for the team)

We will be working for 30 hours, there is good food… anything else?

During the Hackathon there will be coaches available to support the teams in case they get stuck.
There are technical coaches but also coaches with domain-knowledge of the tracks.
Next to that we will be organising “power-boost-sessions” where the teams can send teammembers (not mandatory) to aquire knowledge about pichting, “how to winn a Hackathon” and much more.
We also setup a gaming-competition just to have a break… all in all it is going to be a GREAT happening!

How can I register?

Registering is easy, just go to our eventbrite-page: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/iot-lorawan-hackathon-tickets-52507845379

We ask for 25€ admission-fee. That does not even cover the cost of food and drinks but it at least makes people think before they register, it saves us a lot of “no-shows” (we have to make a lot of arrangements for catering, personel, etc. it would be very unpleasant if a lot of people would register and not show up)

What do I have to take with me?

Take some sleep-ware with you (pillow, sleeping-bag, airmatras, toothbrush, etc.)
But also (of course) laptop, phone, chargers and other stuff your regularly need.

Do i HAVE to sleep there?

If you like you can work all night long (many do!) but you can also take a nap (we provide small iglo-tents which you can use). You would like to go home or sleep in a Hotel? no problem! We have a lock-down from 24:00 till 7:00 so if you leave you can come in after 7:00.

Where is it?

Technologies Added
Kapitein Grantstraat 9
7821 AP  Emmen
The Netherlands

How do i get there?

We are reachable by public transport but there is also lots of free parkingspace available for people who want to come by car.